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IPD Citation Style v3.0: Technical Report

Use of the IPD citation style and RefWorks with examples

Technical Reports

[8] Technical Reports

Use the Report reference type for technical reports.

[8] K. Kraiger and M. S. Teachout, "Application of generalizability theory to the Air Force job performance measurement project. A summary of research results," Human Resources Laboratory, Air Force Systems Command, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, Tech. Rep. AFHL-TR-90-92, July 1991.

  1. Use Pub Year for the year and Pub Date Free Form for the month or month/day.
  2. Report Numbers are often lengthy. Remember to indicate the type of report. In this example it's "Tech. Rep." but "Bull.," "Circ.," and others are possible.
  3. Use Publisher for the name of the issuing organization, which may be a federal or local government agency, a company, a university, or an independent entity. Often the names are lengthy and indicate the corporate structure. In this example, the Human Resources Laboratory is a subdivision of Brooks Air Force Base, which is a subdivision of the Air Force Systems Command. If you're not sure, use the top level; in this case it would be Brooks Air Force Base.