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IPD Citation Style v3.0: Article in a Book

Use of the IPD citation style and RefWorks with examples

Articles or Chapters in a Book

[3] Articles/Chapters in a Book

Use the Book, Section reference type for articles or chapters in a book. (For articles from a newspaper, magazine, or journal, see the Periodicals tab).

[3] J. W. DuBois, S. Schuetze-Coburn, S. Cumming , et al., "Outline of discourse transcription," in Talking Data: Transcription and Coding in Discourse Research (J. A. Edwards and M. D. Lampert, Eds.). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1993, pp. 45-89.


  1.  For multivolume works, the volume number should be included.  
  2. Instead of using a Section Number, enter the title of the "section" (for example, Chapter 2) in the Section Title field.
  3. Enter the first page of the article in the Start Page field.  Enter the last page number in the Other Pages field. If pages are not continuous (“42, 44-6”) enter them all in the Start Page field.
  4.  Editors’ names are entered the same way as authors.