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IPD Citation Style v3.0: Print Journal article obtained in print

Use of the IPD citation style and RefWorks with examples

Print Journal article obtained in print

[5] Journal Article: Print Article Obtained in Print

Use the Journal Article reference type for journal ot magazine articles. The example below is exactly the same as the one in Print Article Found in Print above except that it came from an online service such as ProQuest or Lexis/Nexis, services which only distribute articles. Both services (and others like them) may omit material such as illustrations.

[5] R. C. Carter, "Search time with a color display: Analysis of distribution functions," Human Factors, vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 302-304, 1982.

  1. Use the abbreviated journal title only when you do not have the full title.
  2. For journals, the volume and issue numbers generally substitute for the Month/day/year information needed for magazines. Some times the issue, though, will be a word, such as Spring.
  3. Enter the first page of the article in the Start Page field. Exception: if the pages are not continuous, enter them all in the Start Page field. For example, “22-24, 26.” Enter the remaining page numbers in the Other Pages field.