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IPD Citation Style v3.0: Newspaper article obtained in print

Use of the IPD citation style and RefWorks with examples

Newspaper article obtained in print

[6] Newspaper Articles

Use the Newspaper Article reference type for newspaper articles.

[6] M. Tali, "Plastic explosives blamed for train crash," New York Times sec. 2, pp. 11, January 3, 1989.

Note: this is a one page article. “pp.” indicates multiple pages and “p.” indicates a single page although some styles do not make the distinction and use “pp.” or “p.” throughout.

  1. Use the abbreviated newspaper title only when you do not have the full title.
  2. For complete dates, use Pub Year for the year and Pub Date Free Form for the month/day. For example, for the date “January 5, 2003” the “2003” should be entered in the Pub Year field and the January 5” in the Pub Date Free Form field.
  3. Most newspapers have sections, usually labeled 1, 2, 3… or A, B, C… Sometimes a descriptive word is used, such as Sports or Gardening.
  4. Enter all pages in the Start Page field. Lengthy newspaper articles often continue out of page sequence, such as Section 2, p. 11, p.14. These pages would be entered as “11, 14”in the Start Page field.