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Open Access

Learn about Open Access and how to make your scholarship freely available.

About the Program

The Lehigh University Libraries have entered into a pilot Open Access (OA) agreement with Wiley for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025. This  is a “read and publish” agreement that maintains subscription access to all Wiley journals. Lehigh University-affiliated responsible corresponding authors can also publish their accepted research and review articles OA in Wiley journals at no cost to the researcher. This covers both Gold OA (all articles are OA) and hybrid (some articles are OA, some are subscription-access) journals. This agreement also covers articles published in Hindawi journals.

The agreement will cover up to 40, 42, and 45 articles in 2023, 2024, and 2025, respectively. While this is expected to fully cover all relevant Lehigh-affiliated publications, articles will be covered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To qualify for 2023, articles must be published in a Wiley or Hindawi fully open access journal (submitted on or after 1 January 2023) or published open access in a hybrid journal (accepted on or after 1 January 2023).

Instructions for Authors

There are two main workflows where authors can indicate that they would like their publication to be published openly through this agreement. One is for Gold Open Access (OA) journals and one is for hybrid journals. Gold OA journals only include Open Access articles. Hybrid journals include OA articles and articles published behind a subscription paywall.

Below are brief instructions. Full instructions with screenshots can be found in the .PDF documents further below.

Author Workflow for Gold OA Journals: Authors request funding when submitting their article.

  1. Be sure to indicate your affiliation with Lehigh University.
  2. In the Payment Options section of the submission form, select option 1: "The Corresponding Author's institution or funder has an existing agreement with Wiley ..."
  3. Click on the "Account Code Finder Tool" from within the form to find the code for Lehigh University.
  4. Go back to the submission form and enter the account code in the appropriate text box.
  5. The Lehigh Libraries' will be notified to approve the request.
  6. Once the request is approved, the corresponding author will receive a notification.
  7. If the article is accepted for publication, the author will sign the license agreement. No payment steps are necessary.

Author Workflow for Hybrid Journals: A funding request is generated based on the responsible corresponding author's affiliation.

  1. Authors will be invited to use Wiley's Author Services platform when their article is accepted. Once in the platform, they can click "Manage Article."
  2. Confirm roles as corresponding authors and/or the responsible corresponding author. For the article to be published openly under this agreement, a Lehigh University-affiliated author must be the responsible corresponding author.
  3. Confirm funder and grant details.
  4. Confirm institutional affiliations.
  5. Confirm copyright ownership of the article.
  6. Select to make your article open access by clicking "Yes, make my article open access"
  7. Select a Creative Commons option for licensing the article.
  8. Sign and submit the license.