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Open Access

Learn about Open Access and how to make your scholarship freely available.

Publishing Your Work Open Access

There are several options for publishing a journal article Open Access: 

  1. Publish an article in a fully open-access journal, or Gold Open Access
  2. Publish an article in a subscription journal, and pay a fee to make it open access, or Hybrid Open Access
  3. Publish an article in a subscription journal, and share an Open Access version of the article elsewhere, or Green Open Access

Published in a journal that isn't Gold Open Access? Check Sherpa/RoMEO for your publisher's Green Open Access (self-archiving) policy:

Find Open Access Journals

Open Access and Funder Compliance

Predatory Publishers

A predatory publisher exploits the gold open access model in order to gain a profit from authors' fees. In addition, predatory publishers frequently do not adhere to academic standards, such as rigorous peer review, during the publication process. Many are not transparent about their operations and use official sounding names in order to recruit authors.

If you are unsure about the quality of an open access journal in your discipline, please contact your subject liaison.