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Archives at Lehigh University: Archives Profession

Library guide for identifying, understanding and using archival collections, including personal papers, organizational and institutional records; primary and secondary sources.

Professional Organizations

- Archives Profession
-- "People come to the archival profession for many reasons—to tell the story of a community, preserve a piece of history, hold people and institutions accountable, improve access through technology, connect researchers with the documents they need, and more. Archivists work wherever it is important to retain the records of people or organizations, including universities, large corporations, libraries and museums, government institutions, hospitals, historical societies, and religious communities. They work with digital documents, rare manuscripts, analog film, letters, postcards, diaries, photographs, organizational records—and that’s just the start of it." Society of American Archivists

-- "Archivists are specially trained in preserving the original material and helping people obtain it. Archivists work with paper documents, photographs, maps, films, and computer records. Many begin their careers as historians and then attend classes to learn from experienced archivists. Archivists possess broad, deep knowledge about records and are involved in many, if not all, phases of the records life cycle. Their extensive research and analysis skills help in serving records to the public." NARA National Archives and Records Administration (USA)

Professional Organizations:
- International:

International Council on Archives

- National:
Society of American Archivists

- Regional:
MARAC (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference)
NEA (New England Archivists)
MAC (Midwest Archives Conference)
SSA (Society of Southwest Archivists)
Northwest Archivists

(Museum and Library Alliance) M&LA of Lehigh Valley

Archivists Codes of Ethics

Archival work routinely involves complex issues of confidentiality and privacy. The International Council on Archives and the Society of American Archivists have published Codes of Ethics as guides for practicing archivists dealing with these issues. They are linked below:

International Council on Archives Code of Ethics

Society of American Archivists Code of Ethics for Archivists

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Archival Research