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Archives at Lehigh University: University Archives

Library guide for identifying, understanding and using archival collections, including personal papers, organizational and institutional records; primary and secondary sources.

Historical Records of Lehigh University

Lehigh University has been generating records since July 1865 when the first time the Board of Trustees met in Sun Inn, Bethlehem, in July 1865. Ever since then, university officials paid special attention to preserve and archive important records. Over the years, the library has been systematically collecting academic, administrative, and financial records originated from the departments and offices, as well as students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Publications and memorabilia are also archived by the Libraries' Special Collections.

Lehigh Archives

Special Collections is repository of Lehigh University archival collections that includes historical records, publications, papers and memorabilia produced by the offices, departments, clubs and organizations, faculty, staff, students, alumni and trustees of Lehigh University. Material about the university and Lehigh Valley history in general are also being actively collected.

Some example Record Groups from the Lehigh University Archives:

SC MS 0000 University Archives
SC MS 0057 Lehigh University Administrative Records - Collection 1
SC MS 0229 Lehigh University Administrative Records - Collection 2
SC MS 0003 Lehigh University Presidents' Correspondence
SC MS 0228 Documents related to Lehigh University's Centennial Celebrations
SC MS 0004 Lehigh University Alumni Association Records
SC MS 0076 Notes, Drafts and Manuscript of the Lehigh University History by W. Ross Yates
SC MS 0054 Lehigh Memorabilia

Lehigh University Vertical Files:  Lehigh related archival files, collected and arranged for quick reference.
Lehigh University Flat Files: Lehigh related maps, blueprints, building plans, posters, flyers and other oversize material.


Lehigh History LibGuide is a portal to discover and access archival collections about Lehigh University. 

Historic Student Publicaions

The Lehigh Journal: 1873-1874
Though the first issue was written with respect to the specific interests of the Class of 1876, The Lehigh Journal became a monthly publication from 1873-1874 that included articles from every class on student life and current events.

The Lehigh Burr: 1881-1934
Published with fifty-two issues, spanning from 1881-1934 The Burr was a monthly student periodical. It offered editorials, articles, poems, essays and art work. The Burr’s main objective was to shed light on college life beyond what the statistics offered in the Lehigh’s yearbook, Epitome.

Engineering Society: 1885-1890
The Journal of the Engineering Society of Lehigh University (1885-1890)  was a quarterly student publication that contained articles on various fields in engineering. The journal also included research papers on local industries, such Lehigh Valley Railroad and The Bethlehem Water Works.

Lehigh Quarterly: 1891-1893
The Lehigh Quarterly, a journal of the scientific and literary societies of Lehigh University, was composed of essays, editorials, and other informative papers relating to scientific developments and the Lehigh area. It was published from 1891- 1893.

The Lehigh Review: 1927-1940
Published monthly from 1927-1940, The Lehigh Review was a forum for current events, campus life, arts and popular culture.

Lehigh Reporter: 1934-1937
Lehigh Reporter was prepared by the Journalism Department as an invitation to the “Lehigh Scholastic Press Conference” to promote the Journalism courses to the high school seniors. The Conferences (conventions) took place on Lehigh campus and more than 400 high schools and preparatory schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were represented.

Lehigh Bachelor: 1940-1942
The Bachelor was a Lehigh student magazine published monthly that ran from 1940-1942. It covered a variety of topics, including global affairs, current events, fashion, comedy, and student literary contributions.

Auf Deutsch Bitte: 1944
Published in German during the World War II by the ASTP (Army Specialized Training Program at Lehigh), Auf Deutsch Bitte! (Say It in German Please!) was a weekly magazine contained articles on current events and humor.

Lehigh Goblet: 1946-1948
The Lehigh Goblet was a monthly student popular culture magazine published from 1946-1948 that included articles, jokes, current events, and other topics of interest to Lehigh students.

Quintain: 1956-1958.
Devoted to the discovery and sharing of new poetry and prose, The Quintain was a literary magazine published twenty times a year from 1956 to 1958.

The Pricked Ear: 1957-1960
The Pricked Ear was a weekly newsletter published from 1957-1960 created for the Gryphon community and Freshmen of Lehigh University.

Paisley: 1966-1970.
The Paisley  was a student publication composed of essays, editorials, poems, and short stories.

Menage a Six: 1975-1977
Menage a Six was a literary magazine featuring the works of local writers from colleges in the Lehigh Valley, including the colleges of Allentown, Muhlenberg, Moravian, Lafayette, and Lehigh University. The issues included short stories, poems, and prose of varying topics and length.

Lehigh Serendipity: 1977
Lehigh Serendipity was a magazine designed to present the cultural, artistic and social interests of the Lehigh community.