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Energy Systems Engineering: Finding Relevant Articles

Overview of library and other information sources in support of the M. Eng. in Energy Systems Engineering

How to Find CIting/Cited Articles

Many library databases let you start with a known document (for example, a journal paper) and generate references it cites and/or documents published later in time that cite it.


  • great way to develop a bibliography
  • identify articles that have been heavily cited, that is, that have strongly influenced a field of research
  • track the impact of your writing (if you are an author)
  • if you are a faculty member up for tenure or promotion, present cited/citing data in your dossier (check with your department or college for details).

Contact a librarian to identify relevant databases and setting up email alerts for citing literature. Some starting points:

Core Article Databases

More Article Databases

Review Articles

Review articles give a bird's eye view of a field or niche within a field. They can also contain useful bibliographies/works cited lists.

Some research databases, like Web of Science and PubMed, allow you to perform a search then limit the results to only show review articles.

One publisher, Annual Reviews, publishes only review articles. Try searching their Web platform (listed below) for your topic.

Example Journals