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Energy Systems Engineering: Background Information & Books

Overview of library and other information sources in support of the M. Eng. in Energy Systems Engineering

Background Information Sources

Below are a few examples of background information sources, including: encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and other introductory books.

Some reports (technical and otherwise) and articles (especially review articles in journals and articles from news sources, trade magazines, etc.) are also great sources of background information.




Note: Not all handbooks are created equal. Some are well-written, time-trusted works that are integral to a field of study (e.g. Perry's Handbook for Chemical Engineers). Some are merely a collection of articles thrown together in book format. 

Other Introductory Books

eBooks and Books

Why Use eBooks/Books

  • Good for in-depth background information.
  • You don't have to read the whole book! Search within eBooks to find where a specific keyword is mentioned.
  • Use glossaries, indexes, Table-of-Contents and other features to quickly scan for relevance.
  • Check bibliographies/references for mentions of other important works.

How to Find eBooks/Books

  • Use the online catalog, ASA, to search for books and eBooks. A search box is below.
  • Use eBrary or other eBook providers from the A-to-Z Database List to complete more in-depth searching.

Interlibrary Loan Books through PALCI E-Z Borrow -  see for a link and brief instructions.

ASA - The Library Catalog

Subject Headings for Searching the Library Catalog

Below please find a list of example Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) you can use to search the ASA library catalog by Subject:

Biomass energy; Coal-fired power plants; Distributed resources (Electric utilities); Electric power; Electric power distribution; Electric power failures; Electric power-plants; Electric power production; Electric power systems; Electric power transmission; Electric utilities; Energy conservation; Energy consumption; Energy development; Energy industries; Energy policy; Energy storage; Hydroelectric power plants; Interconnected electric utility systems; Nuclear energy; Nuclear power plants; Photovoltaic power generation; Photovoltaic power systems; Power (Mechanics); Power (Mechanics) > Mathematical models; Power resources; Power supply; Renewable energy sources; Sea-power; Solar energy; Solar power plants; Water-power; Wind power; Wind power plants; Wind turbines

Find Books in the EWFM Library

Whether looking for books, keywords or research topics, a quick 5-10 minute browse of a print library collection can still be very useful.

You can find books at the E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library using the below, example Dewey Classification numbers:

  • Economics of power resources, production of energy: 333.79
  • Renewable energy resource economics: 333.7914
  • Fossil fuel economics: 333.82
  • Energy engineering, including Engineering of Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources: 621.042
  • Generation of electricity: ranging between 621.3121 and 621.313
  • Thermodynamics (engineering): 621.4021
  • Fuel: 662.6