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Enhancing Research Impact


With the huge increase in publications in all fields, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain attention for your work.

The first part of this guide concerns decisions you make before you publish that might enhance your research impact.

The second part addresses how to promote your work after you publish, plus track its impact.

NOTE: If you are working on a dissertation or thesis, see Dissertation and Thesis Writing.

If you are doing a literature review for work you intend to publish, see Literature Reviews: Using Library Resources in Writing. The guide includes a downloadable spreadsheet that helps you track the various steps involved in doing a literature review.

Contact your subject librarian for more information, including subject-specific information about how to enhance your research impact.

Additional resources:

  • Graduate Writing See Lehigh's Graduate Writing Studio website.
  • Grant Proposal Writing For assistance with grant proposal writing, contact Kate Bullard, Ph.D., Research Program Development Officer, Office of the Vice President and Associate.