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Enhancing Research Impact

Online Scholarly Profiles

Online scholarly profiles or "Researcher identifiers" provide a way for you to post your list of publications to the web along with personal identifying information, such as institutional affiliation.

Examples of researcher ids are:Google Scholar Author Profiles, Orcid Ids, and Publons. See boxes below for information.

Why set one up?

  • They help avoid confusion with ("disambiguate") research of persons with the same name.
  • Depending on the researcher identifier, enables you to track number of citations to your work and link out to literature that cites your work.
  • You can put a link to the researcher identifier from a webpage.
  • Bibliographic databases may include ability to search, or link to, researcher ids
  • When people find one paper they like, the researcher id links them to a list of your other publications.

Additional resources:

Google Scholar My Citations

A Google Scholar citatior profile enables you to create a public or private listing of your publications, with links to items in Google Scholar that cite them.

You can then link the profile to a website. Or you can see the link under "My Citations" when you search Google Scholar.

See document immediately above or click here and here.


Please see the Orcid library guide for a comprehensive overview of this important researcher identifier.


Consider setting up a Publons profile to "track your publications, citation metrics, peer reviews, and journal editing work in a single, easy-to-maintain profile."