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Enhancing Research Impact

Popularize your research

The following are some tips about how to get out word about your research and enhance its accessibility or visibility.

Make a version of your research open access

Open access was covered elsewhere in the guide, but (again) consider posting a version of your article in the Lehigh Preserve or an online article repository such as SSRN or Arxiv. The Romeo/Sherpa website, or checking author guidelines of a journal webpage, can help you identify publisher permissions  to post a version of your article in an open access (freely accessible) archive. (Try negotiating these rights *before* you publish; see the Sparc author addendum information earlier in this guide. Otherwise, you're stuck with the journal "default" permissions.)

Put your research in Research Gate/

Some academic or research focused social networking sites for disseminating your work are Research Gate and For information, here are links to information from Digital Research (UCL):

Use Social Media

Consider also the use of social networking technology. Search on Google or Google Scholar for resources and articles. Samples:

Popular Publications

Consider popularizing your research via university publications, newspapers or popular science magazines in your work. In the popular account of your work, make sure to include information about the date of publication of the academic journal in which you published your research.

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