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EES 090 Control of Nature Fall 2022

Finding Images and Videos

See the box (upper right) titled "Finding Images" on this guide.


Use Google Advanced Search to search your topic. In the search results, click on images and also videos at the top of the search results.

A few tips

1. Look at government websites for educational materials describing environmental or geological concepts. They might provide examples of how you can distill concepts into simple terms for purposes of your presentations/projects. 

2. Look around for youtubes that discuss science from a popular/semi-popular standpoint. You might find models of how to communicate science, for purposes of your presentations.

3. Look for materials and youtubes related to "Science on a Sphere", to see if you can find interesting narratives that can be a model for your presentations. 

Fair Use

For this class, you can use the guidelines immediately below. Beneath it, under "Resources", is a video and a link to other other considerations.


You can use media for educational purposes if:

  • You don't share/publish it publicly on the internet
  • You only use a small piece of the work (ex. a clip of a song)
  • You got it legally (ex. didn't pirate it or get around a paywall)
  • You don't provide a copy that allows others to avoid paying for their own copy
  • You should cite anything that you use for a class, research project, or other academic work - because of academic integrity, not because of copyright.

[Thanks to the scholarly communications librarian Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle for above.]


See this video on youtube about copyright, fair use, and public domain [from]

See also the box about using images.on this guide