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Visual Resources: Images

Using Images


If you choose to use images in your project, you need to properly attribute them.

  • Images in the public domain have fallen out of copyright and are available for reuse.
  • Images licensed using Creative Commons are available to remix and reuse, but you need to follow the terms described in the license.
  • Read Creative Commons licenses carefully in order to make sure that you are in compliance. If you have questions about using a particular image or work, contact the original content creator.

Some resources:

See this video on youtube about copyright, fair use, and public domain [from]

Regarding Creative Commons, see:

Creating Images

Adobe Creative Cloud - suite of Adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Available in the Mac computer lab in the Digital Media Studio (EWFM 8a Room 421).

GIMP - Free raster graphics editing software (alternative to Adobe Photoshop).

Inkscape - Free vector graphics editing software (alternative to Adobe Illustrator).

Canva - Web-based image editor.


Finding Images

In addition to being mindful of usage rights for images, it is strongly suggested to search for high-resolution (large) or vector (scalable) graphics to ensure the quality of your final product.