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EES 90 Control of Nature Fall 2020


This guide has lots of resources. Consider spending ten minutes reviewing them to determine what might help as you work on the final draft of your papers and discover new topics. 

Feel free to send the science librarian an email with questions about your project. 


1. Most writers cannot write in one sitting. Let your paper grow organically and incrementally.

2. It can help to focus on very specific topic. Finding a scholarly debate can make for a good paper. It gives you the chance to reconstruct both sides in the debate and then draw your own conclusions. But all this means you have to do quality, focused *research* using the library research skills you learned in class and in this guide.

3. This guide does not include all the possibly relevant library resources for your topic. If for example you are working on historical, economic, or sociological topics, please see the library guides for these topics as well. To do so, go to the library homepage. Then find the "How To..." link and search for the subject guides there.