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Laboratory Instruction Videos and Related Content

JoVE Access

Library and Technology Services now has a subscription to JoVE educational and research content through 12/31/2021. This will help meet the challenges of supporting online laboratory and other instruction posed by the coronavirus crisis.

JoVE includes both subscribed and bonus content, including science and psychology video materials. To get a sense of the full range of content:

  • first read this flyer. it’s comprehensive and covers all content to which Lehigh has access.   
  • then access the service (instructions below) and explore it to see what components of it are relevant to your teaching, learning, and research needs.



You can use this "ezproxy" link; just put in your usual Lehigh ID and password:

After accessing JoVE, to create a link to a particular item from off-campus, copy the URL for that resource. You should then be able to access the resource. Make sure "ezproxy" appears in the link. For example,

*If the proxy does not appear", add the proxy string. 

I.e., copy the direct URL, then add Lehigh's proxy prefix:

In addition to ezproxy, you can use VPN.  For instructions,  see the box below titled "Off Campus Access To Library Resources".  

If you have any access issues, let Brian Simboli know. 


For any access issues, please contact Brian Simboli

For any other questions, including questions about content, syllabus mapping, integration into CourseSite, and training, please contact:



Independently of Lehigh's subscribed and bonus access, there is publicly accessible content from Journal of Visualized Experiments on PubMed Central. To search for specific content, use the PubMed interface. Contact Brian Simboli for assistance.
"The archive for this journal includes issues 1-140. The journal no longer participates in PMC." Coverage is 2006 to 2018.

Check to see whether the full video is available. 

Off Campus Access To Library Resources

Use Lehigh's Virtual Private Network (VPN)  to connect to library resources from off campus. Make sure to choose Library/International from the Group drop-down menu when you sign into the VPN. Learn more about the VPN.

(updated 4/11/2024)