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Laboratory Instruction Videos and Related Content

Tips for Locating Additional Materials

Finding openly accessible laboratory instructional materials, including video demonstrations, takes time and patience. Here are some tips about how to do so.

Start with a very well-defined idea as to what you want to find. For example, do you want a detailed video demonstration of the actual steps of a particular laboratory experiment? Or something more generic, like background information relevant to understanding the techniques employed in a laboratory or even more generally, the scientific concepts involved?

Here are tips about using particular resources:


Experiment with various search strings to find video clips. E.g., use "virtual labs" in conjunction with a keyword that specifies what you are looking for. 


Try using the Advanced Google search engine. Experiment with various ways of locating sources of information. "Virtual labs" as a phrase search seems effective. You can use this search engine to focus on particular internet domains, such as .edu or .org or .com. 

Google Scholar

You can use this to search for literature about the use of virtual lab materials, which in turn might help identify actual virtual lab resources. You can use the advanced search option available on the upper left, when you click on the "hamburger" icon.

Library databases for literature about use of virtual lab materials

For structured searching, using Lehigh's databases, for literature about use of visual labs materials, contact Brian Simboli.