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Laboratory Instruction Videos and Related Content

Biology Resources

Virtual Labs @Leeds

"This site houses a number of open educational resources developed for use with (predominantly) first year biochemistry and microbiology undergraduates in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, to support their preparation for practical classes."

The Cell: An Image Library 

Click on "advanced" search (in small letters) center-top.
Note options for searching, including ability to click "video/animation", and also "time series"

BioInteractive  HHMI   

"HHMI BioInteractive brings the power of real science stories into tens of thousands of high school and undergraduate life science classrooms."

Living Physics Portal (beta)

"The Living Physics Portal is an online environment for physics faculty to share and discuss free curricular resources for teaching introductory physics for life sciences (IPLS)."

STAR: Genetics - User Manual  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Office of Digital Learning

Classical Genetics Simulator CGS lab

DNALC Live - CSHL DNA Learning Center  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

WOW Biolab

Merlot Collection