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How to use RefWorks to organize, store, and share citations and generate bibliographies.

What is RefWorks?


RefWorks is a research management tool designed to help users store, organize, annotate, and share information sources by centrally managing all the resources you interact with over the course of a research project. Working on a dissertation, thesis, or long-term study? RefWorks can help you streamline your research process by creating a personal library of your resources, storing the full text of articles, and generating citations and bibliographies.

This guide will walk you through RefWorks' different functionalities -- use the navigation bar to the side to get directions on how to perform a task. 

Free Alternatives to RefWorks: ZoteroBib and Zotero



Working on a research or writing project and looking for free tools to help you accurately cite your sources?  Zotero and ZoteroBib can help!  Explore the guide linked below to learn about these tools. Links to the tools are also included below, and a comparison is in the next tab of this box.


Not sure which tool to use?  The comparison chart below might help. Also, scroll down here to see "Should I use ZoteroBib or Zotero?"


  Zotero ZoteroBib
Best for Dissertations, theses, lengthy papers, ongoing research 1 time bibliographies
Learning curve Significant Slight
Able to generate in-text citations Yes Yes
Cost Free Free
Software installation Yes No
Long-term cloud storage Yes No
Able to create group folders Yes No

For additional information about both Zotero and ZoteroBib, please see the links below and the pages of this library guide.