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Enhance your research impact and make it easier to find your publications using ORCID.

Claim and/or Connect Your ORCID iD

ORCID member organization

Click the button to create a new ORCID iD and/or to connect your ORCID iD to Lehigh.

Create or Connect your ORCID iD

Connecting your ORCID iD with Lehigh has two steps:

  1. Linking your ORCID iD, or logging in with your Lehigh credentials
  2. Authorizing your ORCID iD, allowing Lehigh to write research-related data to your profile as required by funders

See step-by-step instructions for creating and connecting your ORCID to Lehigh. 

ORCID also offers detailed registration instructions if needed. Once connected, you can log into your ORCID account using your Lehigh network credentials. In the future, this connection can also help save you time by having Lehigh-related publications, grants, and research activities automatically added to your profile.

Note that you should only have one ORCID iD. If you have created more than one, please consolidate them.

What Is ORCID?

ORCID--or Open Researcher and Contributor Identifiers--are unique IDs that you can use as a researcher to identify your academic work. The IDs help funders, publishers, scholarly societies, and other researchers to quickly find and distinguish your work from materials created by other researchers with similar names. ORCIDs are being used and increasingly required by publishers such as the Royal Society, PLOS, IEEE, ACS, Springer, Wiley, Sage, and Cambridge UP.

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

Copyright & Reuse

This ORCID LibGuide was adapted with permission from the ORCID LibGuide by Mark Bilby at Pollak Library, California State University Fullerton.