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Martindale Scholar Associates Program: Library Resources - South Africa: Getting Started

Martindale Student Associates Program: Library Resources

Getting started

A wide array of resources are available for your use on this project.

Some pointers:

  • Start off by doing broad background reading about the South Africa. Some good places for this are the resources under the Country Information tab. An example is the CIA World Factbook, or the country profiles in MarketLine Advantage.
  • Then explore the other resources in this guide. Plan on spending time doing searching, which is an iterative process and requires patience. Time you spend researching early on will reap dividends later when you write your paper. 
  • The guide does not include all the relevant library resources. If for example you have an interest in literature providing sociological, historical, psychological, or political science perspectives on your country and subject, explore the subject guides on the library homepage (, see Research Guides, upper right.
  • Don't forget that the Martindale reference style is available to choose within RefWorks.

Research Assistance

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Mark Scott
E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library Office 613