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EES 325 Fall 2019

How lo locate remote sensing journals

Here are tips on three ways to find remote sensing journals.


Go to the library homepage and run a journal search in the library catalog. on remote sensing, with "Journal Title" selected from the drag down menu.


Go to "Before you Publish", and then the sub-page "Where to Publish," on the Enhancing Research Impact guide. Go to  Identifying journals that publish highly cited articles in your specialty.

You can apply this technique to Web of Science. Run a search on your topic, for example, "remote sensing" and river*. Sort by number of times cited. Or you can click on analyze and then source title on the left, then scroll down to see a list by record count of the journals in which the articles from your search appear.


Go to Journal Citation Reports. Then select "Browse by Category". Go to "Select Categories". Checkmark remote sensing.
Click submit. Under "#Journals", click on the number that appears there (30 at this time.) To see ones that are open access (i.e., content is freely accessible), go to the left and click on "Open Access".