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BIOS 251 Spring 2023

Video Tutorial: 7 Search Tools for Literature Databases

This video tutorial  gives a generic discussion of search tools used in many library databases. Not every database uses all these tools.   

It is important to determine how to apply these search tools in the specific database relevant to your writing and research. Lehigh's library guides help you identify relevant databases for your particular topic. Go to the library homepage and then click on the "How to..." link. 

Article Databases

Below are relevant library bibliographic databases.

Another database:  Annual Reviews is a set of journals that contain review articles. Make sure, after doing a search, to rank the results in descending order by date so that you avoid older review articles.

See  science librarian if you are having trouble locating articles. Other databases can also help.

Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to request a PDF of an article that isn't available at Lehigh or a scanned PDF of a print article that Lehigh owns. You will get an email when the article is ready for download.

Have Citation, Find Article

This video tutorial shows you a way to get to the full text of an article if you have a citation. Google Scholar can be an efficient way to find an article if you have its title. It also discusses Lehigh Links, from which you can get to the full text or order the article via "ILLiad".

You may also want to download the Google Scholar Browser extension available here, so that you don't have to look up Google Scholar but instead have it readily available right in your browser.

Another way to  find the full text that corresponds to a citation is to use the citation linker on the library homepage, far lower right under Quick Links.

For other techniques for finding articles, contact Brian Simboli.