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BIOS 90 Fall 2022 Women in Science

Map of this Guide

This guide provides resources and information relevant to completing your course papers.

"Finding Sources" identifies sources that you can use to find popular and scholarly articles.   "Background Information" sources will help you understand the ideas and concepts you may encounter in your research. They will give you a conceptual map so you can find closely related sources that can become the items you cite for the paper.

See the page of this guide "Evaluating Sources" to learn criteria that can help you evaluate the reliability and authoritativeness of the sources you find. 

Learn about the difference between the references you put at the end of your paper, versus the "in-text" citations that *point* to the latter. See the "ZoteroBib" page for information about how to insert in-text citations and format the end of paper references in your paper. No tool of this kind will be perfect, so you may want to check over your citations and edit them as needed, using the appropriate guide within "Citing Sources" as a reference for the style you have selected. You can make changes to your citations by editing them out of ZoteroBib, or by edit them after you generate them using ZoteroBib and copying them into your paper.

See the "Writing Tips" page of this guide for ideas about writing and how to use Word to create headers and move them around as you work on your paper. If you need assistance with writing, you can go to the writing center.

See below for a visualization of the research and writing process.

The Research Process