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Lehigh University Libraries - Library Guides

PSYC 201: Research Methods and Data Analysis SPRING 2023

Introduction: Books and Ebooks

Lehigh Libraries provide books in both print and online, or ebook, format.

Books and Ebooks can be found by searching ASA, the library's catalog, available under "Catalog" from Lehigh Libraries' homepage. (You can also use ASA to find access information journals, ejournals, conference papers, government documents and more.

From ASA you can:

  • Renew your print books online
  • Text the call number, title, and location of a book to your cell phone
  • Create reading lists.

A few things to remember when using ebooks:

  • Ebooks cannot be borrowed or lent through interlibrary loan.
  • Some publishers restrict the amount of pages that can be copied or printed, or may not permit copying or printing at all.

Below are resources you should review that pertain to books and ebooks:

  • a video tutorial about how to look up ebooks
  • a library guide that goes into details about Lehigh's ebook collections
  • links to WorldCat, which show you how to locate books that Lehigh does not own
  • interlibrary loan information about how to order print books that Lehigh does not have.

Library guide with more details about Lehigh's Ebooks

Finding books that Lehigh does not own

WorldCat is a great resource for finding books Lehigh does not own. 

There are two flavors. They don't necessarily overlap completely.

Interlibrary Loan

If you do not find a print book in Lehigh's Collection, you can use interlibrary loan.

Use Palci first to order a book. If Palci does not have the book, then use ILLiad. 

A note about ebooks: Due to publisher restrictions, e-books are not available to be borrowed or lent through interlibrary loan.

To register for ILLiad, please follow the steps in the tutorial linked directly below this section.