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Course Readings: Resources

Linking to Ebooks in CourseSite

Permalinks for library resources can be made available to students on Course Site Ebooks have a durable link for the entire book. 

To discover books and ebooks, go to ASA, the library catalog near the top of the library homepage.  See this video tutorial about how to limit your search in ASA to ebooks. Also, see the  Ebooks library guide.  Here is an example of an ASA record for an ebook:  

Follow the ebook link:

Water: a very short introduction permalink

Then copy the link and paste the URL as shown here for a routine reading assignment:

Please read chapters 1-4 in Water: A Very Short Introduction for next week and be prepared to participate in the class discussion.

Add a prefix to your link:

So for example the full URL for the item above becomes:

To request a new ebook for library collections, submit the request here.

Linking to Articles in Course Site

If you have articles you want your class to read, the libraries have a copyright-neutral solution:  Lehigh Links.

"Lehigh Links" give access to the full text of articles or enable ordering an article not available electronically.

Here are advantages plus directions for capturing them.

The link: never expires, connects directly to the article within Lehigh's digital library, and can easily be posted to Course Site, included in an e-mail, or added to any HTML document.  Also, while posting article PDFs to Course Site is a valid way of sharing materials, use of Lehigh Links ensures that student use of your course materials is included in the library's collections usage data.   You can also bookmark them.

Directions for capturing Lehigh Links for course readings:

Search for the article using the Citation Linker.  Or, go to a research database (for example, Article First, Web of Science and Knowledge or Research Library). Search on the author’s last name, a keyword from the title and the year of publication.  When the correct citation is retrieved, click on the hypertext "Lehigh Link" or the following icon that appears in the database search results as follows:

[NOTE:  Google Scholar may be used for this step but if off campus you will need to set your Scholar Preferences to Lehigh's library so that your results set shows Lehigh Links when available. The information carried over from Scholar may or may not generate a functioning link. Another option is to use VPN: see box to left about off-campus access.]


In this menu, if Lehigh has access to the article, it will show "In electronic full text" with at least one link to a digital copy.

Copy the URL that appears in the footer of the Lehigh Link menu, just below the phrase "Link this in your Course Site course."

Click the link at the bottom of the page

Paste the Lehigh Link into Course Site using the "URL" resource. 

Next, click to confirm that a digital copy is accessible and that the citation and the link match correctly. This is an important step to confirm that that the information provided does in fact link to the article desired.

If you have any questions, contact your subject librarian or instructional technologist for assistance. 



Here is an example of a Lehigh Links.  Click on journal article title for the Lehigh Link.

El-Aasser, M S, R Hu, V L Dimonie, and L H Sperling. 1999. "Morphology, design and characterization of IPN-containing structured latex particles for damping applications". Colloids and Surfaces. A, Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 153 (1): 241.