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Linking to ebooks

If you want to link to an ebook *from within CourseSite*, follow the directions in the box below.

If you are not linking to an ebook from within CourseSite, follow the same directions *except* this time put right click on the link to the ebook from within CourseSite. and copy the link for use where needed.

Linking to Ebooks in CourseSite

Permalinks for ebooks can be made available to students on your Course Site.

Ebooks from the collections listed on this page have a durable link for the entire book.  Simply find the record in ASA: 

Follow the ebook link:

Water: a very short introduction permalink

Then copy the link and paste the URL as shown here for a routine reading assignment:

Please read chapters 1-4 in Water: A Very Short Introduction for next week and be prepared to participate in the class discussion.

To request a new ebook for library collections, submit the request here.