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LTS CIRCLE Collections

Information about the collections in the LTS CIRCLE space located on the fourth floor of the EWFM Library (aka FML).

LTS CIRCLE Collections Description

The CIRCLE Collection, along with other efforts, is an attempt to increase the representation of diverse perspectives in the Lehigh University Libraries’ collections. The books in this collection are by authors from historically marginalized communities. The hope is that this collection will be complementary to a larger collection that is constantly evolving to be more inclusive of a wide-range of experiences and perspectives. Efforts will be made to highlight related resources from the Libraries’ broader collections in this space. We strongly encourage suggestions for the CIRCLE Collection, which you can submit by visiting or by completing the recommendation form on the "More About the Collections" tab of this guide.

About the Collections

Currently, the CIRCLE Collections mainly comprise of a print book collection, as described above. Books are loanable to Lehigh University student, faculty and staff for fifty days with up to five renewals.

Additionally, the Lehigh University Libraries' are experimenting with other collections, including a collection of magazines and records. Find more information about these collections and related collections, like OverDrive, in the "More About the Collections" tab of this guide.

About the Space


The LTS CIRCLE (standing for Community & Inclusion Resource Center: a Library for Everyone) was opened in February 2023. The idea for the space started with a 2020 proposal to form an Anti-Racist Education Center in Fairchild-Martindale Library as part of the University-wide Proposals for Creative Ideas to transform Lehigh University into an anti-racist institution. It houses the CIRCLE Book Collection and also serves as a space for programming and events related to Lehigh's long-term work to become a more inclusive and antiracist University.


The LTS CIRCLE is located in the Southeast corner of the Fairchild Martindale Library (FML), adjacent to The Grind @ FML cafe.

Reserving the Space:

Reserving the CIRCLE space for events can be done by filling out the LTS Event From. Please submit event requests at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure availability and adequate promotion. Lehigh SSO is required.

Read about the Grand Opening of the CIRCLE Space linked below.

Some previous events held in the CIRCLE include:

  • Travelling While Black
  • Way of Peace: The Story of the Iroquois Confederacy
  • International Women's Day Celebration
  • Women's History Month @LV 2023
  • Town Hall on Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan Progression and Creative Ideas for Impact Update
  • Storytime with Dr. LaToya Council