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LTS CIRCLE Collections

Information about the collections in the LTS CIRCLE space located on the fourth floor of the EWFM Library (aka FML).

CIRCLE Book Collection

The LTS CIRCLE Book collection, along with other efforts, is an attempt to increase the representation of diverse perspectives in the Lehigh University Libraries’ collections. The books in this collection are by authors from historically marginalized groups. See below for a full list of CIRCLE books.

Purchasing from Black-Owned Bookshops

When possible, efforts are made to purchase directly from Black-owned bookshops or purchase via with proceeds going to Black-owned bookshops. In the past, books have been purchased from or proceeds have been directed to Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and Harriet's Bookshop in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.


Experimentally, the books are currently organized by the color of the cover to avoid over- or mis-categorization and allow for slow browsing across genres and topics. Feedback on this method of organization is welcome and adjustments will be made accordingly.

To check out a book from the CIRCLE collection you can browse the collection at EWFM library and bring your book to the Help Desk for check-out. 

CIRCLE Record Collection and Record Player

The Lehigh University Libraries' are experimenting with a small record collection in the LTS CIRCLE. Like the CIRCLE Book Collection, this small collection will highlight musicians from historically marginalized communities.

The CIRCLE Record Player

The Lehigh University Libraries are also experimenting with a record player located in the LTS CIRCLE. This record player can be used during events to play records from the collection. The record player also serves as a Bluetooth speaker for use during events. Some records from the collection do contain explicit content. As appropriate, please check with your audience before playing any music to ensure they are comfortable with the content of the music.

Related Collections

Make a Recommendation

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