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PSYC 195: Health Psychology Recitation FALL 2023

Electronic Reference Resources

Some tips for searching "SAGE Knowledge Books and Reference" :click on the Advanced Search link and put in search terms related to your specific topic. Scroll down to "Content Types" and under the reference category, select Encyclopedias and any other relevant items. 

Medline Plus. Source of popular or relatively popular information about medical topics, but check for psychological concepts as well. 

Merck Manuals   Includes information about diseases as well as a drug look up feature. Check them for psychological topics as well that might have a medical basis.

Books and Ebooks

Books and Ebooks can serve as a form of background information.

See the page of the library guide about how to search for them.

Video Tutorial: Finding an Ebook

To discover books and ebooks, go to ASA, the library catalog near the top of the library homepage.  See this video tutorial about how to limit your search in ASA to ebooks. .Also, see the  Ebooks library guide.   

Popular Articles: Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Go to the page about "Popular Articles" to find another source of background information.

Using Google and Wikipedia

A source of background information is Google

Try using the advanced Google search interface. You might want to limit your results to ".edu" types of resources, which are mainly educational. (For example, )

Evaluate what you find, using the "Evaluating .Web Resources" box; see the next box.

If you use Wikipedia articles, you will have to confirm independently the information, but they can point you to useful resources. See the Wikipedia article about the Reliability of Wikipedia.

Evaluating Web Resources

Web resources can be rich sources of information on a topic, but when conducting research, it's important to consider the quality and accuracy of sites you visit on the open web. Use the CRAPP test to determine whether a web resource is trustworthy: