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Submitting Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Formatting and Style

ETD Submission Guide

Formatting and Style

LaTex Resources:

Discovery and Access

Additionally, ProQuest and Google are now collaborating for indexing of dissertations and theses to appear in Google and Google Scholar searches. See details here.

Here is a sample search of a 2009 M.S.

Lastly, ASA, Lehigh's Library Catalog and WorldCat include cataloging records and links to your Lehigh dissertation (1997 to present) or thesis (2009 to present). ASA includes the complete abstract also with a link to the PDF copy of your dissertation or thesis.


Your dissertation is archived by the Lehigh University Library in both paper and digital formats. The paper copy is kept in Special Collections.

Copies of theses are archived electronically, but not in paper.

As the Library of Congress designated agent for U.S. dissertations, ProQuest/UMI keeps copies both in digital and microfilm formats.

Lehigh dissertations are in digital format from 1997 to present. Lehigh theses are in digital format from 2009 to present.