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Coronavirus Resources: Publications, Data, Teaching, and Staying Safe

Teaching Coronavirus in the College or University Classroom

Understandably, most of the focus in academia has been on how to transition teaching from the physical classroom, to remote teaching, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, there are many teaching opportunities to bring coronavirus topics into the classroom curriculum. These can involve historical comparisons; economic projections, and of course scientific perspectives..These also can include teaching or assignments related to data; see the "Data Sources" part of this guide.

An article with Lehigh University examples of coronavirus as a curricular topic is Coronavirus, the Curriculum, and the Library.

Lehigh faculty can consult with a subject librarian for assistance with library resources relating to "teaching coronavirus". Special Collections can help with historical dimensions, including how they relate to Lehigh University and the Bethlehem area. See below for an example of class use of materials relating to the 1918 flu pandemic. 

Here are additional articles and resources relating to the topic of "teaching coronavirus", to borrow from the title of the first item here; the articles may provide ideas for faculty teaching:

These materials from the Medical Heritage Library reference contains materials relating to a class taught by Tom Ewing at Virginia Tech in fall 2017.