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REL/ASIA 172: Tibetan Buddhism and Society

Prof. Annabella Pitkin, Fall 2023


Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal 12th-century painting on book cover

Nepal (Kathmandu Valley); Manuscript Covers; Paintings. Distemper on wood, centurydate QS:P571,+ -00-00T00:00:00Z/7 1150. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wikimedia Commons,,_Tibetan_Buddhism_in_Nepal,_12th-century_painting_on_book_cover,_-_MET_1984_479_1a_F_(cropped).jpg.


Use the tabs in this guide to:

  • Learn strategies for evaluating information
  • Find interdisciplinary and subject specific sources and how to cite them
  • "Geek out" on library resources

The Research Process


Types of information sources

Davidson, Sara. “A Cycle of Revolving Research.” University of California Libraries.

Information lifecycle

Feist, Kirsten. “The Information Cycle.” University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Libraries.