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PHIL 301/ES 301-401: Philosophical-Policy & Legal Design: Methods and Applications

Looking up sources of international environmental law in ASA

Suggested search terms in ASA:

  • Environmental law, international
  • Environmental law
  • Browse alphabetically by subject starting with Environmental Law to see the country-specific subject headings.

Suggested sources of international law (these are not available at Lehigh and will have to be borrowed via interlibrary loan):

W.E. Burhenne (ed.), International Environmental Law: Multilaterial Treaties (looseleaf, 1974-)

B. Rüster and B. Simma, International Protection of the Environment: Treaties and Related Documents (looseleaf, 1990-)

UNEP, Selected Multilaterial Treaties in the Field of the Environment (vol. 1, A.C. Kiss (ed.), 1983; vol. 2, I Rummel-Bulska and S. Osafo (eds.). 1991)

H. Hohmann (ed.), Basic Documents of International Environmental Law (1992)

E. Brown Weiss, P.C. Szasz and D.B. Magraw, International Environmental Law - Basic Instruments and References (1992)

W. E. Burhenne (ed.), International Environmental Soft Law: Collection of Relevant Instruments (1993)

P. Birnie and A. Boyle, Basic Documents on International Law and the Environment (1995)

L. Boisson de Chazournes, R. Desgagné, and C. Romano (eds.), Protection Internationale de l'Environnment: Recueil d'Instruments Juridiques (1998; 2005, 2nd edn)

D. Hunter, J. Salzman, and D. Zaelke (eds.), International Environmental Law and Policy: Treaty Supplement (2001; 2007, 3rd edn)

P. Sands and P. Galizzi, Basic Documents in International Environmental Law (2003)


Suggested reference works