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POLS 274: Political Parties and Elections

Federal Depository Collection

Lehigh University Library is a Federal and State Depository Library. Our collections range from historical materials to current print and online collections.


GovInfo offers free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. Through GovInfo, you are able to:

  • Search for documents and publications
  • Browse for documents and publications
  • Access metadata about documents and publications
  • Download documents and publications in multiple renditions or file formats

Collections are continually being added and expanded in this product. Some of the collections currently available include:

  • Budget of the U.S. Government (1996-)
  • Compilations of Presidential Documents (1993-)
  • Congressional Bills ( 1993 -)
  • Congressional Committee Prints ( 1975/76 and 1991-)
  • Congressional Documents ( 1985-)
  • Congressional Hearings ( 1991-)
  • Congressional Record ( 1994-)
  • Congressional Reports (1994-)
  • Economic Indicators ( 1995-)
  • Economic Report of the President ( 1995-)
  • Federal Register ( 1994-)
  • Public and Private laws ( 1995-)

Executive Branch Materials

Legislative Branch Materials

Historical print volumes of the Congressional Record covering 1873 to 1933  (43rd-72nd congresses) are in print in the Library remote storage facility. Please ask in the Government Documents area for assistance. Printed indexes are in the Government Documents area near the Congressional Hearings.

Printed hearings are available in the Government Documents Collection, Fairchild Martindale Library. Please ask for assistance with these. Collections of online hearings are also available but are incomplete and may not have historical depth. You can check several online sources for hearings/committee prints:

Print volumes:  345.2 U5  in FM 2 - DOC - R.

Historical Print volumes of the U.S. Serial Set:

Pre 1932 volumes of the Congressional Serial set are housed in the Library remote storage collection. While extensive it is not a complete set.  (the online Serial Set database above is complete) The Checklist of United States Public Documents 1789-1909, located in the Gov Docs Reference collection ( 015.73 U5ch3 ) can be used to determine which volumes are held by Lehigh in print.

Judicial Branch Materials

Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court are issued in a series know as "U.S. Reports". The library has extensive online availability as well as printed volumes from earlier periods.

Printed volumes from 1875 - 1900 are available in the Library storage facility, call number LMC  345.4  U58r.