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Values and Ethics of Community-Engaged Research: Introduction

About the Center for Community Engagement

The Lehigh University Center for Community Engagement (CCE) assists Lehigh’s faculty, staff, and students who are involved with service-learning classes or community-based research projects, mobilizes university-community partnerships to address societal challenges, promotes knowledge and research for the common good, and helps cultivate engaged citizens.

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Center for Community Engagement
Dr. Sarah Stanlick, Director
Williams Hall 020
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What is CEnR?

Community engaged research (CEnR) is a collaborative process that teams researchers and community partners in a way that generates and disseminates new knowledge to strengthen the community and enhance the wellbeing of community members.  CEnR identifies the assets of all stakeholders and incorporates them in the design and conduct of the different phases of the research process.

Why does CEnR matter?

CEnR is important because it recognizes the inherent value of the community in which research and problem-solving can take place and includes the voices of those from the community within the entire process. As such, the CEnR model creates status between the community and the research agent as partners from concept to implementation and beyond. In this scenario, all parties develop and work toward mutual benefit. The resulting interaction has shown to be more longstanding, agile and amenable to continuous improvement.


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