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Psyc 90 Brain and Behavior

Hands-on exercise

Familiarize your self with the pages of this library guide.

Before doing anything else, spend two minutes setting up an ILLiad account. ILLiad enables you to order articles that Lehigh does not have electronically. Even if you find you don’t need it for this assignment, you might need it for other assignments or classes. Go to  Click on ILLiad. Fill out required one-time registration information.  You will not be using ILLiad for this exercise but you may need it later in the course or for another course.

Then do the following hands-on exercise. 

GOAL: find two  scholarly articles about the same topic, plus look up background information relating to the topic.

Go to PsycINFO.

Choose one of these journals and type its name into the one of the search boxes in the Advanced search feature of PsycINFO.

  • Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Brain Research
  • Psychological Science
  • Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience

Then select SO Publication Name from the drag down menu.

Run your search. This will bring up articles from that journal. 

Look through the search results and find an article that looks interesting. It should be a research study and *not* a review article that summarizes a group of research studies.

Look over the information that PsycINFO provides for that article, including the citation details for the article, the abstract, and the subject headers that PsycINFO uses to classific the topics of the article.

Choose an article that links out directly to the full article. Do not use ILLiad for this exercise. 

Look over the tull text of the article and ask: what would help me better understand the overall topic of this article or technical terms in it?

Then look through the background research page of this guide to answer some of these questions. Tip: see the section about "review articles" for an especially helpful way to come up to speed on your topic.

Once you find one article that looks good, use the search techniques that we discussed in the class to "bootstrap" in PsycINFO to another relevant article *about the same topic*.

TIP: See if you can find an article that disputes, or elaborates on, the findings in the first article you found. This can make for a nicely focused report and assignment about the two articles!

  • see if the article you are interested in has been cited by another article published later in time. If you don't see such a citing article in PsycINFO, you can try Web of Science or Google Scholar.
  • see if the article you found suggests some keywords or subject terms to search for another article.

Now look at the section of the library guide that addresses how to cite your sources. both in your written assignment(s) and in Powerpoint, if you use latter when doing your presentation.   (Tip: you can collect your sources in a final slide of the Powerpoint, or you can cite sources at the bottom of the Powerpoint slides for which they were used.) 

Take one of the two articles you found above and write down how you would cite the article using APA style.

In the box below this box, take a look at some of the other possible relevant databases for looking up literature about your topic. 

You will probably not have time in this class to view the Presentation tips video of this page of this guide, but you should do so before you work on your presentation. Don't forget to put citations at the bottom right of a given Powerpoint slide, or collect all the citations in one concluding Powerpoint slide, or do both.


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