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SciFinder-n Setup: SciFinder-n

Using the Lehigh VPN

Use Lehigh's Virtual Private Network (VPN)  to connect to library resources from off campus. Make sure to choose Library/International from the Group drop-down menu when you sign into the VPN. Learn more about the VPN.

(updated 4/11/2024)

Setup for SciFinder-n


Try either Approach (1) or Approach (2) below. Either should work. The first involves relying on VPN. The second involves relying on ezproxy.



1. Connect to the Lehigh VPN (instructions above)
2. Open a web browser and paste in this link:  
3. Enter your SciFinder login and password.



You may find that below does not work at this point.

Please follow the directions below very closely, that is step by step. Skipping a step could mean you will not gain access.  If you encounter any problems, please let Brian Simboli know immediately. Please provide the following information: nature of the problem, whether it was on or off campus and, if the latter, what Internet Service Provider you are using; time it occurred; operating system; web browser used.

  1. First you need to register. Use this link, which will work either on or off-campus.
  2. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. Do not click on that link.
  3. Instead copy the following: and paste it into the URL line of a web browser.
  4. Next, copy the link from the email (including the https://) and paste it into the URL line after the = sign of the URL in step 3.
  5. Hit enter. You will then get a screen indicating that you are registered.
  6. You are now ready to use SciFinder-n To do so, go here and enter the new login and password you created when you registered. (Off campus users may first see a screen asking for a Lehigh username and password.) After entering those, you will arrive at the SciFinder opening screen ("SciFinder...Part of the process").
  7. If you want to bookmark SciFinder, use this link:

Another option is to set up off-campus VPN, after selecting the library/international option, and then use with your login and password.

Using ChemDraw with SciFinder-n

For information about using ChemDraw with SciFinder-n, see here.

Training and Search Tips


For a quick overview of Scifinder-n capabilities, please see this flyer.  

See here for SciFinder-n Self-Paced Training Material. 

You can also access help documentation from within SciFinder-n. 

Academic Resource Center.