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BUS 003 - Business Communication I: Resources

Lehigh Resources and Support

  • The Center for Community Engagement: As a hub for service-learning and community-engagement initiatives, the Center can provide a number of services from planning to assessing service-learning and civic/community engagement opportunities, as well as guest lectures, partner matching, grant writing support, and other capacity building resources.
  • SOAN 197: This course is offered each semester for all Lehigh students interested in working with the local community on projects, research, and learning.  We explore the many dimensions of community-engaged research and learning, with special attention to ethical practices, values, research methods, and critical reflection.

Articles of Note

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  • Dostilio, L. D., Brackmann, S. M., Edwards, K. E., Harrison, B., Kliewer, B. W., & Clayton, P. H. (2012). Reciprocity: Saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library. 
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