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Books Your Way with Wiley: Home

How to request ebook access or a print on demand paperback copy of a Wiley title ("books your way").

Why use "Books Your Way" with Wiley?

Have you ever used interlibrary loan and wanted to keep that book longer?

"Books Your Way" is your option to borrow a copy of a print book for longer than 4-6 weeks.

How long does it take to get a "Books Your Way" on-demand copy?

Delivery is intended for within 3-5 business days, similar to ILL.

What makes a "Books Your Way" book different from a "normal" print book?

The paperback cover is plain and the pages are always in greyscale. Many "normal" print books are already in greyscale. The minimalist design allows for the most optimal pricing model.

What if I need color pages or have other concerns?

All "Books Your Way" print copies come with a matching ebook version (in full color) from the Wiley Online Library. Please ask your librarian if you have any questions! 

Do the Wiley Online Library ebooks have bad DRM or other restrictions? Can I use these for a class?

Actually, the Wiley Online LIbrary ebooks are some of the least restrictive full book PDF downloads on the academic titles market at the time of this guide's publication, as long as you are on a Lehigh IP-authenticated network (for example, via the Lehigh VPN services). All titles that Lehigh acquires through the Wiley Online Library are compatible with the standards set by the UNC Charlotte Initiative and are thus suitable uninterrupted access and for course reserve.

Does this mean Lehigh won't put a "normal" copy of the book on its shelves or that I can't make an ILL request?

We take all patron feedback seriously and if there is a need we will do our best to meet it! ILL requests are processed separately from "Books Your Way."

Is ILL cheaper than a "Books Your Way" copy? 

A "Books Your Way" copy costs about the same as an ILL transaction and is also a fraction of the cost of the "normal" print copy. 

What if I just want the on-demand ebook version? And what if I want the "Books Your Way" print copy later?

Feel free to select the ebook-only option. You can always come back and request the "Books Your Way" on-demand print copy later.

How long does it take to get access to just the ebook version?

We estimate one business day or less.

Are all Wiley titles eligible?

Although Wiley makes available over 22,000 titles in its online collections, not all of them are eligible for Print on Demand. Please contact your librarian if you see a title that is not in the ASA catalog. We will do our best to find any Wiley title that may be out of print or otherwise available.

How can I search only Wiley POD titles?

Use this ASA Catalog link.

If you have any questions, please contact the following librarians:

Brian Simboli:

Daniel Huang:


How to Use "Books Your Way" with Wiley

Step 1: Search the ASA Catalog for the Wiley book you want.

Note: Of the 22,000+ Wiley Online Library titles, a large percentage of them are eligible for "Books Your Way." If you know of a Wiley title that is not in the "Books Your Way" program, contact your librarian and we will see if we can add it to the program!

Step 2: Click on the request button to login and open the request form. If the second link reads "Preview Table of Contents," that means the table of contents is only available at this time (this can be fixed by requesting the ebook!).

Step 3: Select either "Ebook" or "Print Book" to indicate your preference. Remember, all print book requests come with a matching ebook copy!

Step 4: Submit your request, we'll get right back via email to you within 1-5 business days with either your print on demand "Books Your Way" copy, ebook access link, or even both! 

Step 5: Enjoy your "Books Your Way" book!

If you have any questions, please contact the following librarians:

Brian Simboli:

Daniel Huang: