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Social Media

A guide to using social media responsibly and to researching social media.

Privacy and security are important!

Whether trying to reach a target audience or just posting pictures taken during a gathering of friends, social media should be used carefully. A few things to remember are:

  • Social media is rarely 100% private. For example, Facebook allows users to control whether they are tagged in a photo, but does not allow the user to block others from posting images of them. If you are unsure what privacy features you have enabled, perform a Google search on your name. See what is retrieved. Try limiting your Google search to images to see if there are photos of you posted by friends who may not be using privacy features. 
  • Prospective employers or a current employer (if you're presently employed) may check what you are posting. Entering the job market or applying to college are both good times to "clean up" your social media presence.
  • If you identify your employer, or your university affiliation if you are a student, in your profile, you are now a reflection of that organization. 
  • Never post the confidential information of your employer. In the case of Lehigh University, consider student privacy very carefully before you post content that contains student information or images.

Social Media Best Practices