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PSYC 210: Experimental Research Methods and Laboratory: 1. Identifying a Topic

Spring 2017

Identifying a Topic

Take time to find a topic that you will find really interesting!

Here are some resources you can use to find a topic.

Start by looking at the table of contents of some recent issues of Psychological Science to get ideas for your topic.Then look around in some of the other resources below.

This database enables you to search over a wide range of "Annual Reviews" journals. Some examples

  • Annual Review of Psychology
  • Annual Review of Neuroscience
  • Annual Review of Annual review of law and social science
  • Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Run a search on a topic that you find of interest.  The search results are "review articles". This type of journal article gives you an overview of a topic and can help you locate literature about it.  Sometimes when you do a search, you will see older articles near the top of the list of articles. You can find more recent articles by sorting by most recent articles.