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PSYC 396: Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory: 3. Use a library database to discover literature

Fall 2018, Professor Hupbach


  • Try to find a very focused topic, then broaden it if necessary.
  • One interesting type of paper you can write can involve finding a scholarly debate and then offering your own assessment of it.
  • Use the "Term Finder" in PsycINFO to search for "memory", then look at the narrower terms under that broad term for more specific topics relating to memory
  • Consider using Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts if your topic involves language in some way; see the Thesaurus for "memory"
  • Look for heavily cited articles to get a sense of important/high impact research in your area of interest.

Relevant databases are listed below.

Core Article Databases

More Article Databases

Book-related databases