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ISE 475: Engineering Practicum in Healthcare: Using Documents

information resources, search techniques, obtaining and using documents

Syle Guides

Different fields use different writing styles. The discursive scholarly analysis of a Shakespeare play does not work for a laboratory report. A good example for ISE 475 is AMA (American Medical Assocation). The Library has the AMA Manual of Style 2007 edition in print at 808.0666 A479 FM Library 1 Reference. JAMA has good examples in the Manuscript Preparation and Submission Requirements section of its Instructions for Authors. An online tool that works in some cases is the Citation Generator. For other options, see


RefWorks is a web-based program that helps you gather, organize, store, and generate citations and bibliographies.

Currently, there are two active versions of RefWorks: Legacy RefWorks and New RefWorks. See the "RefWorks - Versions" page below for login links, LibraryGuides, and support options for both versions of RefWorks.

Proper Usage

It's easy to say "always cite the source for facts, theories, or opinions not your own" but hard to do it. The following links should help.