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Science Summer Undergraduate Research 2023

Prof. Oriana Fisher

Article Databases

Library guides can help you identify more databases to search, beyond Web of Science.

Find a library guide for the broad subject area of your summer reearch by going here and selecting "How to...".

Look for one of the subject guides (biology, chemistry, engineering, physics), not one of the class guides.  If you working in engineering, look for specific subject guides such as Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Once you find an appropriate guide, look at the databases it suggests for searching.

Google Scholar is a great source of bibliographic information. Look for the advanced search engine. Make sure Lehigh Links is turned on, per the instructions below.

Make sure you restrict your searches to scholarly articles in below two databases:

Have Citation, Find Article

If you have an article reference, this video tutorial shows how to use Google Scholar  to quickly access it and otherwise order a copy of it.   (Google Scholar has of course many other uses as well, see Google Scholar: Understanding Scholar.) The tutorial discusses "Lehigh Links" to access the article if available and otherwise use ILLiad to order it. Make sure you have Lehigh Links turned on from within Google Scholar. 

  • In addition to Lehigh Links, you may see a direct link to the access via the “HTML” or “PDF” links to the right. Using Lehigh Links ensures that you get to the "approved" publisher version of an article.
  • Sometimes, Lehigh Links may be hidden - using the “>>” (more) icon may unhide it.
  • Use the advanced search feature of google scholar for more structured searching; to use it, go to the Google Scholar page. Click the upper left "hamburger icon" and then select advanced search on the menu.
  • For case when you don't have the title of the article, try putting other citation details in Google Scholar such as   author, title of the journal, etc.
  • Mention availability of ASA in Lehigh Links, in case print is available should you want to see the article in the library. Otherwise, using ILLiad you can order a scan of the print.
  • Mention user experience after order an article--user gets email with a link to the article.


You may also want to download the Google Scholar Browser extension available here, so that you don't have to look up Google Scholar but instead have it readily available right in your browser.

Video Tutorial: Using Lehigh Links to Access Full Text

In library databases, you will see "Lehigh Links", which enable you to get out to the full text,of articles or order an article that is not available electronically. This brief tutorial video explains how to use Lehigh Links.  NOTE: for books, you will see a link to the online catalog ASA, so that you can look up a book or ebook. You will also see a link to ILLiad so you can order the print version of a book if Lehigh does not have it.