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Psyc 90: The Seven Sins of Memory

In-class exercise

This exercise is designed to help you learn how to navigate and use library resources. Ask for for help during the session. Above all, have fun with the exercise!

Put your answers into a Word document.


This popular article links out to this scholarly article

Compare these two articles. (Tip: review the page of this guide about the difference between popular and scholarly articles.)

What differences is there in: audience, whether they have a bibliography, structure, reliance on technical terminology? Just write a few sentences in your Word document.


Find the scholarly article that this popular article mentions.

Tip: go to Google Scholar. On the upper left, click on the hamburger icon, select advanced advanced search. Put in what you know about the study mentioned in the article, such as author and year and some keywords. 

Write down how many times this article has been cited by other articles.  HINT: look for the Google Scholar link that says "cited by". (Btw, this is a great way to build a bibliography; look for links like this in library databases, click on them, and you'll find other articles relating to the topic of the article you started with. This is a powerful way to search for literature since one paper only cites another if they're related in topic!)

Once you find the article, then use the feature in Google Scholar that puts the article citation into APA style. HINT: look for the following, then click on it:

Copy and paste the APA style citation into your Word document.


Now find a popular (not scholarly) article about some aspect of memory that you find interesting. It should be a magazine or newspaper article. Use one of the databases in the "Popular Articles and Search Tools" page of this guide. Write down the name of the database in which you found it plus the title of the article.


Glance over the full text of the article and write down a concept that you'd like to learn more about.

In your Word document, write down the title of the article or dictionary entry and the name of the book in which it appeared.


Go to PsycINFO and put in a search and scroll down to select Publication Type "Peer Reviewed Journal". The search should be ballpark with the topic of the article you found in (4). Just glance it over the abstract quickly.  Find a citation to the article in APA style format. TIP: click on one of the search results, then look on the right hand side under "Tools" for "Cite".) Copy and paste the reference into your Word document.

Also, record in the Word document whether you find the full text text of the article out of PsycINFO? If not, how would get a copy? Hint: if you don't see a direct link to the full text, recall what was said in class about Lehigh Links. If you don't find the full text, you'll see a link to ILLiad. Don't do this for the exercise, but that's where you could order the article.


Only if you have time! Set up an ILLiad account. This requires a one-time registration. You might need ILLiad at some point in your studies at Lehigh. You can order articles, books, book chapters using ILLiad. If you want to order a book, try "Palci" first. See interlibrary loan details here.