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EES 090 Exploration of Inner Space Fall 2021

Prof. McDermott

Academic Literature Databass

You can use the the databases below to find more information about your topic, such as scholarly review articles about your topic, and also (when available) articles that cite the article on which you are focusing. Below this box there is one that that focuses on a specific type of journal article, review articles. These provide a 5,000 foot view of a subject and can be very helpful in providing background information. 

There are other databases  (scroll down for links) you can consult for your assignments.

  • Academic Search Complete covers both popular and scholarly literature. To limit to scholarly articles, find the place where you can limit to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals."
  • Annual Reviews is dedicated to review articles.  Tip:  sort the search results in descending date order so you see the most recent review articles for your topic.)

Review Articles

Review articles are a special type of journal article. They can be a great source of background information as well as bibliography when you research a science topic. See the tutorial page of this guide; one component of the tutorial linked there concerns review articles. It has a video.

You can restrict to review articles after doing a Web of Science. Also, see the Annual Reviews database in the above box. It has just review articles.