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Literature Reviews: Using Library Resources in Writing

Popular articles (from magazines and newspapers)

Read the following, then go to the next box for resources to search.

To understand the difference between popular articles and scholarly ones, review the page above (Scholarly versus Popular Articles.)

Popular publications can do these things for you:

  • provide general background information before you turn to the academic journal literature;
  • help identify late breaking news about important scientific discoveries or developments;
  • point you to academic studies; for example, a newspaper or magazine or other popular publication may give a journalistic account of a scientific research project, mention its principal researchers, and mention the academic journal in which the research was published. You can then look up the scholarly journal article where the research was published.(You will have to assess the accuracy of the journalistic or popular accounts by turning to the research as published in a scholarly source.)

See the boxes below for databases that will help you find popular articles. 

Finding Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Find at least one popular article about your topic. It can be from a newspaper or magazine, or from the open web. Make sure it looks reliable. 

See the resources below. Some tips about using them:

1.  Academic Search Ultimate  contains both popular and scholarly articles. To find just popular articles, do the following. 

  • Put in your search. Don't use any of the "limiters" in the "search options" area below the search box
  • Click search
  • In the search results, look on the left under "Source Types"
  • Don't select Academic Journals, just select Magazines and also select Newspapers

2,  Note: if the popular article reports recent scholarly research and mentions where the research was published, that points to a citation for 3 below! For example, you might see a phrase in the popular article that says “Researchers at XYZ University reported an exciting new discovery last week in the journal ‘Nature.’”

Also, consider using the Advanced Google search engine to hunt around for online news. Make sure they're from a reputable source, though!

Also, see below for popular or semi-popular sources....