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Math 90: Introduction

Introduction to the Library Guide

If you need assistance with your research for this class or other classes, please contact me. You are welcome to set up an appointment.

Before getting started on your assignments, review Using the Lehigh University Libraries.

The library has guides about resources you can use to do assignments for a whole range of subjects. To see the guides, go to the upper center of the library homepage and click on "How to...".

Overview of this guide and its tabs ...

Background Information provides resources that will help you understand a topic or terminology your encounter. Always try to read up on your topic to get background information that can: help you understand concepts you encounter in more technical treatments; help you contextualize your specific topic within a larger background of understanding.

Using Web Resources: It's ok to use some web resources for your papers and presentations. But you need to evaluate them for accuracy and *objectivity*. Take a few mintues to review the resources here so that you can find *quality* resources.

Scholarly versus Popular Articles. Explains the difference.

Finding Articles: Use the resources here to find both academic and popular articles. Sometimes you can find a good popular article that describes some published academic research; the popular article might give you enough information to locate the scholarly article where the research appeared.

Review Articles: This is a special type of literature that helps give you a bird's eye view on a field plus can give you good bibliography. Find recent review articles for this purpose.

Books: The library has a huge number of ebooks and lots of print books. Books can help give you background information about a topic and/or much more detailed information that you can use in your papers, in addition to scholarly journal articles.

Citing Sources: Make sure to cite your sources! This can go a good way toward...

Avoiding Plagiarism.